How do we contribute?

Shoes 4 Planet Earth - Collection Point

DFO Brisbane is a collection point for Shoes 4 Planet Earth.

If you wish to donate your sports shoes, please check the below 6 step guide for preparing shoes ready for donating.

  1. SPORTS SHOES only please.
  2. NO HOLES AND GOOD SOLES. It is not worth shipping shoes to an orphanage in Southern Africa if they are broken! Shoes 4 Planet Earth want to send shoes that will last a whole winter.
  3. CLEAN! Would you like to receive a dirty pair of shoes? They can be hand scrubbed or washed on a short cold cycle in the washing machine. Best dried in the sun stuffed with newspaper – no tumble trying please as it destroys the shoe.
  4. TIED TOGETHER in matching pairs so Shoes 4 Planet Earth can find the other half amongst all the hundreds of shoes we have. No individual pairs in plastic bags or boxes please.
  5. SHOE LACES & INNER SOLES – yes please.
  6. THANK YOU for helping Shoes 4 Planet Earth to change the world one pair of shoes at a time :)

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Charities - Found property

If found property isn’t collected for 3 months we end up donating them to local charities around the DFO Brisbane.
Charities we are working with include;
Link Vision
The Salvation Army
The Red Cross
St Vincent De Paul

If there is a charity you would like our property to go to please forward through your interest at [email protected]

Cash Donations

All cash donated to the DFO Brisbane goes to local charities around Australia. Cash items are usually gathered through our lost and found property and from customer donations.

Nike Re-Use A Shoe

Take your old pair to a store near you and we’ll transform them into Nike Grind — a material that’s powering the next generation of athletes. Nike Grind can be made from any brand of athletic shoes — but not from sandals, boots, or spikes and studs. Bring your old pair and join us on a journey towards zero carbon, zero waste, future-proof sport.

For more information CLICK HERE!

The Sheridan Recycling Program

About the program

Sheridan recognise the waste of the textile industry is a huge problem, and are proud to be Australia’s first homewares brand on the journey to finding a solution. As part of Sheridan’s responsibility to the environment and Sheridan’s commitment to setting the industry standard for textile waste reduction, there is now a recycling collection point in all Sheridan Boutique and Outlet stores. The program ensures old sheets and towels are diverted from landfill and sent to Sheridan’s partnering factories to be made into recycled yarn that is repurposed into new products.

Since the program's launch in February 2019 and expansion to Outlet stores in August 2019, Sheridan have collected over 25,500kg of pre-loved bed linen and towels. They thank their customers for their outstanding contribution to the program.

They’re making it simple for you to reduce and recycle your household textiles, so we can collectively work towards reducing landfill and pollution. Take this opportunity to recycle what you no longer use and feel better about your new and exciting purchases; knowing the end of their life cycle isn't going to cost the Earth.

Plus, if you recycle your unwanted items at a Sheridan Boutique store, you'll receive 5% off your purchase. T&C's apply*.